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A Middle Bronze Age bowl barrow, one of a group of six located to the northeast of the South Lodge enclosure (ST 91 NE 9), within its associated field system (ST 91 NE 33). Unlike the other barrows in thr group, it was not given a number by Pitt Rivers, and neither did he excavate it, because it had been destroyed before he moved to the area. He was able to recover some potsherds which had been retained by the estate carpenter, however. In 1954 the Ordnance Survey recorded "the rim of a presumed bowl barrow...10 metres in diameter and 0.4 metres high". Three trenches were dug in the area where the barrow was located during Barrett et al's 1977-84 excavations on Cranborne Chase. The ground in this area wasobserved to have been disturbed, and the trenches were dug across a well-defined north-south scarp in the hope of revealing any ditch which may have been associated with the barrow. A series of heavily disturbed deposits were found, mainly attributable to 19th century quarrying, and a water pipe was also found to run through the area. A series of irregular hollows contained some worked flint, and a couple of ditch-like features were observed, but nothing was encountered that could be regarded as a barrow ditch. This site was originally recorded as part of ST 91 NE 3. That record should be consulted for additional sources and information.

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