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MONUMENT NO. 1050248


The buried remains of a Neolithic long barrow some 680 metres west of Maidenwell House, on the summit of a broad, flat spur overlooking the head of a dry valley and the source of the Burwell Beck. Although the barrow cannot be seen on the ground, its infilled and buried ditch is clearly visible from the air as a cropmark. The long barrow measures about 42 metres east to west by 25 metres north to south inclusive of its encircling ditch. In 1992 fieldwalking over the area of the barrow produced worked flint which has been dated to the earlier part of the Neolithic period. The surrounding ditch is straight sided with slightly rounded terminals. Its circuit is thought to be complete, suggesting that this is an example of the simple form of Lincolnshire Wolds long barrow which was not elaborated by the addition of a large earthen mound when the funerary rituals were completed. Scheduled.

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