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The sequence of events on this site has been summarised as follows:- In the late 2nd century AD a conjectural fort is established in response to coastal raiding. On either side of the fort a settlement, which has been excavated, is laid out in an ordered fashion. In the second quarter of the 3rd century AD the original fort is replaced by the Saxon Shore fort on the same site. The original settlement areas, although undergoing continual redefinition of their enclosures, retain their original alignment. At some point in the second half of the 3rd century AD a quarry ditch is excavated which blocks off the west gate of the fort. This ditch may be associated with internal reorganization of the fort; possibly associated with the change of garrison from the Cohors I Aquitanorum to the Equites Dalmatae of the Notitia Dignitatum (assuming the former's presence on the site was not associated with supposed earlier 2nd century fort. In the 4th century AD it would appear that the western settlement area was largely abandoned and its site was occupied by enclosures associated with the fort in their alignment. The constraints of the excavations means that the above sequence of events is only speculative. The walls of the fort survived up to 12 feet high in the 17th century, but robbing during the subsequent centuries mean that the fort is now only visible as an earthwork and on aerial photographs.

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